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  • Hey there! I'm Carrie and I'm so happy you found me!
    I'm the world's luckiest mom to the most beautiful little girl.
    I have a hard working husband that I'm thankful for every single day.
    I've been a professional photographer for 6 years.
    I love my little state of Vermont and the yummy maple syrup it produces.
    I love my vintage belongings that I have around my house that remind me of those no longer with me.
    I love everything Apple related.
    I love Mad Men.
    I love that I have a hard time with not covering my walls floor to ceiling with images of my daughter.
    I love anything Italian food related and have a hard time trying new foods (but I'm getting better!)

When you can’t find a suitable plaid dress for the holidays for your little girl (well maybe not so little anymore) that isn’t out of stock, you decide that you’ll leave it up to her.  I’ve never been one to get a dress that she can’t wear more than once because I could never justify buying something that would look ridiculous wearing to school.  This year has been quite the year of change for my little one.  She (very quickly) went from playing with her American Girl dolls to being more interested in sports.  While I’ll admit that a part of me was sad to see my girly girl go, I’ve realized that it’s more important to me that she’s happy than to fit into some mold that society expects her to fit into, or even my mold of what I thought she would be.  She still wear dresses as long as there’s no pink or flowers involved and it’s always leggings instead of stockings underneath.  She’s a funny one, this child of mine.  She can’t wait to get braces- not to fix her slightly crooked front tooth (hardwood floors and clean socks don’t go well together), but because she thinks they’re cool.  She’s not afraid to be her own person and doesn’t really mind what others think of her.  She has her own self-confidence (although she certainly still has the typical self doubt of an emerging young lady) that I find re-assuring.  She’s sassy and she knows it.  Getting pics of her these days is a struggle as she wants no part in the whole process.  Add a dog into the mix, and you’re left with a 9 year old who focuses even less on your camera.  I can hardly believe she’ll be turning 10 this year!


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Nate and Sarah were married this past summer, but did their engagement session last year during what we Vermonters call stick season (that time after all of the leaves fall from the trees and right before the snow starts falling).  This was my very first sunrise engagement session and though I’ve captured portrait sessions with the sunrise before, there’s something completely magical about capturing love when the light first rises above the mountains.  We started off at the West Mountain Inn where their lovely wedding would take place (that will be the next blog post)!  As with all of my sessions (and even my weddings), I’m always willing to go to multiple locations.  Whether it be someplace that caught your eye, or something that caught my eye, I’m always willing to do what it takes to make sure everyone is happy.

Vermont Wedding Photographer-1

Vermont Wedding Photographer-2

The one thing about Nate and Sarah is that they love to laugh.  Laughter is my kind of jam and it just makes me plain happy.  Smiles that aren’t forced and come as naturally and as organic as their relationship.  While some couples need help with how to position themselves, where to put their hands, etc, it was completely second nature to the both of them.  It’s as if I wasn’t even there and that more than anything is one thing that I always strive for.

Vermont Wedding Photographer-3
Vermont Wedding Photographer-4
Vermont Wedding Photographer-5
Vermont Wedding Photographer-6

Once we were done at the Inn, we headed down to the covered bridge down the street.  There are two covered bridges in Arlington.  One in West Arlington which is a stone throws away from Normal Rockwell’s house (and the bridge pictured below) and the other one is in East Arlington which was in the movie Baby Boom which Diane Keaton drives through.  While both bridges are lovely, the Chiselville bridge in East Arlington tends to have heavy traffic so I tend to lean towards the West Arlington bridge.

Vermont Wedding Photographer-8
Vermont Wedding Photographer-12
After the covered bridge, we headed over to East Arlington to another favorite spot of mine.

Vermont Wedding Photographer-13
Vermont Wedding Photographer-10
Vermont Wedding Photographer-11

Next up will be Nate and Sarah’s magical summer day!

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Lindsay and Dean had the most lovely day at the Equinox Pond Pavilion in Manchester, VT earlier this year.  They celebrated with their closest friends and family and laughed a whole lot along the way!

Vermont Wedding Photographer

Vermont Wedding Photographer
Vermont Wedding Photographer

Lindsay and Dean had somewhat of a  first look where they did see each other before hand, but as they didn’t want to focus on taking a lot of photos of just the two of them on their wedding day, it was a really quick and sweet moment behind the Inn!

Vermont Wedding Photographer

I always love taking advantage of the porch at the Equinox…..always so many possibilities!

Vermont Wedding Photographer
Vermont Wedding Photographer
Vermont Wedding Photographer

The inn brought a really tall ladder (which I’m always more than happy to climb) and I captured all of the guests right after the ceremony which I always love doing.

Vermont Wedding Photographer

Like I mentioned earlier, just a few quick photos of just the two of them on their own.  They really wanted the focus to be on the time they spent with the people they love the most.  And I always aim to please so that’s exactly what they received!

Vermont Wedding Photographer
Vermont Wedding Photographer
Vermont Wedding Photographer
Vermont Wedding Photographer

Thank you so much Lindsay and Dean for allowing me to be a part of your beautiful day!

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