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  • Hey there! I'm Carrie and I'm so happy you found me!
    I'm the world's luckiest mom to the most beautiful little girl.
    I have a hard working husband that I'm thankful for every single day.
    I've been a professional photographer for 6 years.
    I love my little state of Vermont and the yummy maple syrup it produces.
    I love my vintage belongings that I have around my house that remind me of those no longer with me.
    I love everything Apple related.
    I love Mad Men.
    I love that I have a hard time with not covering my walls floor to ceiling with images of my daughter.
    I love anything Italian food related and have a hard time trying new foods (but I'm getting better!)

Capturing Lynne and Jerry’s elopement at West Mountain Inn was such a sweet ending to a beautiful day.  I love that so many couples decide to come to Vermont to celebrate their day and what I love even more, is that they choose me to be a part of that moment in time and give me the opportunity to travel all across this beautiful state.  Traveling wasn’t a part of Lynne and Jerry’s day and it doesn’t get much easier than staying in your own town to be able to do what you love!


They had an early evening ceremony and the lighting was absolutely dreamy….



After the ceremony, we ventured around the property and made our first stop at the Alpaca’s….


Thank you so much Lynne and Jerry for allowing me to be a part of your beautiful day!

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I’m used to having the opportunity to travel for so many beautiful weddings each year (such a blessing to have the experience to capture new venues) and last August, I had the opportunity to travel in a completely different direction thanks to Jane and John.  Their day brought me to 90 State Street in Albany, NY- a fantastic venue which was converted bank from the early 1900′s.  We started off at Jane’s suite at the Hilton across the street to capture a few details…..


Once the ladies were all dolled up, we headed directly across the street to the venue.  Doesn’t get much easier than that!!


There were so many amazing details inside this amazing venue that lived an equally amazing past life as a bank.



After the ceremony, we headed into the Vault room which had such a fun and fresh vibe.



Next we headed outside for a quick few photos out in front of another bank with great details!




Once inside, it was time to get the party started with Chris from Love of Music! 



Thank you so much Jane and Jon for allowing me to be a part of your beautiful day!


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Things have been quiet in blog land, I know.  The end of 2014 brought about a lot of change for me and my family and we ushered in 2015 with open arms, and a lot of hope.  We shed a bunch of tears, smiled when we received encouragement and good news and through it all, remained thankful.  As I often do, I find joy being in the outdoors with my family.  I spent a lot of my childhood canoeing and camping with my family.  My father was the commodore of the Ka-Na-Wa-Ke Canoe Club in Syracuse, NY so me and my sister spent many a summer in between our parents in one of the many canoes my father had hanging from the ceiling of our garage.  We often went camping deep in the woods of the Adirondacks on state land where there were no facilities to speak of.  Once you paddled to your campsite, you were on your own.  Maybe this is why I often find myself being completely okay with solitude.  I find peace being with my family as much as possible.  I find joy setting up a tent and hearing my daughter sleep at night in her sleeping bag.  I laugh when she complains that we’ll be snowshoeing up a big hill and asking me if I can carry her to the top.

My gift to Dan and Lillian were snowshoes this year because in the spirit of togetherness, it was only right that they join me and Max in our adventures.  While I grew up cross-country skiing, I knew that snowshoeing would be an easy transition for me.  It’s been a harsh winter and we haven’t been able to get out nearly as often as I’d like, but as long as I’m with these two (and furry Max of course), I’m a happy gal…..


From a recent trip to Merck Forest in Rupert, Vermont.

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