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  • Hey there! I'm Carrie and I'm so happy you found me!
    I'm the world's luckiest mom to the most beautiful little girl.
    I have a hard working husband that I'm thankful for every single day.
    I've been a professional photographer for 6 years.
    I love my little state of Vermont and the yummy maple syrup it produces.
    I love my vintage belongings that I have around my house that remind me of those no longer with me.
    I love everything Apple related.
    I love Mad Men.
    I love that I have a hard time with not covering my walls floor to ceiling with images of my daughter.
    I love anything Italian food related and have a hard time trying new foods (but I'm getting better!)

Photos are meant to be enjoyed.  They’re meant to bring you back to a moment in time, to remember.  When Lillian was smaller, I could often be found right behind her with my camera in hand to capture every moment.  As the years went on, she became more resistant and would tell me to put my camera away.  It’s often the way I feel when I see a bunch of phones and cameras during a wedding ceremony!   Sometimes, taking a photo with your heart is more important.  But sometimes, when you don’t have a camera with you, you grab that one thing that is always by your side……your phone.  I have a love/hate relationship with my phone.  I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not much of a phone talker.  Never have been and probably never will be.  But the one thing my phone has going for it, is that Lillian almost never complains when I do take it out to take a photo.  I use Instagram more as a personal photo diary, capturing things as they happen, in both the good and the bad light.  My Instagram feed isn’t perfect.  But neither is life.  The one negative thing about photos on a phone (and a computer for that matter), is that you can’t truly enjoy them as much as if they were in print.  Thankfully, Social Print Studio is around to make it nice and easy to print my photos in a super cute way……


And yes, that’s a photo taken with my phone…..and yes, it’s not perfect!  So many beautiful memories that we’ll be able to remember for a lifetime because we printed them.  So get those photos off of your computer and phone…..NOW!!!

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It was a beautiful evening driving in the valley and amongst the mountains on my way to meet Claire and Tunde.  Along the way, I missed the turn down a dirt road.  I always give myself extra time no matter what and thankfully I did on this day as well.  I should have listened to my gut when I thought “I wonder if it’s that dirt road without a sign”.  I turned down the road, questioning if I was headed the right way and passed an older gentleman and asked if I was headed in the right direction and he said kindly said “keep on going”.  At the top of the road, a beautiful barn which was restored by that same kind man who also happens to be an architect and rents it out .  As Claire and Tunde drove up the driveway, I grabbed my camera and bag and was met with a surprise- what was set up to be an engagement session became a “we just got married” session.  My favorite kind of surprise!  We only had around 30 minutes to capture their love before the sun officially stopped giving us enough light, but oh how kind she was to us while we were together on that night!


Thank you so much Claire and Tunde for allowing me to capture you on your very special day, my very first surprise wedding photos!!

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Shortly after I captured Kerri + Shane’s maternity photos, sweet little Miss H decided to make an early appearance. Awhile ago, I decided to change the way that I capture newborn sessions.  Focusing solely on posed photos takes A LOT of practice and patience.  It’s something that I contemplated giving more time too, but as my wedding and elopement business expanded, I decided that if a potential client was after that kind of experience, I was more than happy to recommend a photographer that specializes in newborns.  While I still have all of my props and newborn gear, I decided that I’d do a mix of some props with a lifestyle feel thrown in.  It’s more fitting with my style and if I’m completely honest, a whole lot less stressful!  Miss H was a bit fussy in the beginning while we were trying to do some photos on the beanbag, so since she loves to be held, it was the perfect opportunity to let her get some lovin!

Right before Kerri and Shane were married several years back, I invited them to my home so we could meet in person before the big day and they spotted a glass door that I used as a frame to display photos of my daughter.  During the renovation process, we sadly had to remove a built-in cabinet in our dining room that had three glass doors with these amazing hinges.  Wanting to keep a piece of the old house, we were able to save them.  After complimenting how much they loved how I used the door, I decided to give them one.  And when they told me that they were using it above their bed with a couple of their wedding photos, I couldn’t have been more happy to capture these photos…… was kind of like I was completing a circle!!


Thank you so much Kerri and Shane for allowing me to capture Sweet Miss H!!

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